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We host personal curated events for our community from time to time. These events help us connect with our customers who want a different experience from the usual entertainment events in town. Some of these events are suggestions from our customers, and others are the brainchild of the owners of the cafe. If you're interested in hosting an event at the Cafe, contact us!

Click the header images of each event to see more pictures!


Because We Are Nigerians (BWAN)

In partnership with Lush Gardens Port Harcourt, Because We Are Nigerians (BWAN) is an opportunity to gather our tribe to reflect, to share our frustrations, to laugh, and to bond over the everyday anyhowness of living in Nigeria. 

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Un-Valentine With Jameson Whiskey

We are all lovers, but we didn't want to host your typical Valentine's Day event with roses, wine, and couples declaring undying love to each other (sooo boring!!). We wanted whiskey, games, fun, laughter - just a chill event with good company. 


Plants x Coffee

We love a good cup of coffee. We also love plants. And when you bring the two together, you get a magical event that is both educational and fun! 



Can you imagine an evening of wine and palm wine, a saxophonist playing soothing sounds in the background, some finger foods to nibble on, making some amazing new and cool friends, and an artist walking you through the steps to paint Queen Idia, the first Iyoba of the 16th century Benin Empire?


Words & Beans

We brought together 10 poets and two musicians for an evening of pure delight. Each poet enchanted us with their moody and at times funny stories, while the musicians gave us a viby mood of Love Jones. 


Sarogua Tasting with Zina Saro-Wiwa

The opportunity to introduce to our community the talented artist, curator and distiller Zina Saro-Wiwa was one we could not pass up. Guests got to experience her unique botanical Sarogua spirits while observing a silent sound bath. Poetry, dancing, and chill vibes filled the evening.


Marley & Blue Specialty Coffee Blend Launch

Months in the making, we finally launched our specialty coffee blend (a unique mix of Nigerian and Ethiopian coffee beans) in collaboration with Claire Marcus, a home and body fragrance brand. We celebrated by hosting a unique coffee-inspired fragrance bar for our guests.


Games Night

Our Games Night event was an opportunity to celebrate our second anniversary in a relaxed atmosphere, with old and new friends.

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