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Because We Are Nigerians (BWAN)

In partnership with Lush Gardens Port Harcourt, we hosted the second edition of Because We Are Nigerians (BWAN) in May 2021. BWAN is an opportunity to gather our tribe to reflect, to share our frustrations, to laugh, and to bond over the everyday anyhowness of living in Nigeria. Those small everyday frustrations that can only be understood by other fellow Nigerians - from encounters with the police, banking issues, dating, the hustle life, and marriage - no topic was censored . Over coffee, each member of the group shared their own unique experiences - some sad, some funny, some tragic -, including playing a popular Nigerian quizz to determine who the real Nigerian is. 

We hosted the third edition of BWAN in October 2021, tagged the "Dating Edition" where guests interacted with cue cards depicting various dating scenarios in Nigeria.

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