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As our first foray into Corporate Social Responsibility, we wanted to support a local initiative close to our hearts.  And what better way to support our mother's philanthropic efforts (Chief Dr. Emuobonuvie Emerhi) of providing food to widows of Oteri village in Ughelli during the Christmas holiday season! Every year, she gives out food and small financial support to the elderly widows of Oteri village, as her way to give back.

Widows in Oteri village are often forgotten in the daily affairs of village life. Many struggle to make ends meet, whilst dealing with the stigma of being a widow. The Oteri Widows Fund provides not just financial support to these women (many of whom are elderly) but also emotional and other well-being relief -- a small step towards ensuring they live their lives in dignity, surrounded by love.

We've made it easy to support us in this effort - click the button above to make a small but meaningful contribution (no amount is too small). On an annual basis, we will report back to our supporters what we've been able to raise together, as well as what we've been able to do with the funds.

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