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Marley&Blue Specialty Coffee Blend Launch

To launch our specialty coffee blend (a mix of Nigerian and Ethiopian coffee beans), we collaborated with Claire Marcus, a home and body fragrance brand based in Lagos, to hold Port Harcourt's first-ever coffee-inspired fragrance bar, where guests could make their own unique fragrance body oil, as well as sample the new specialty coffee blend coffee in both hot and cold formats. We were lucky that brands like Loom Chocolate and the Guinness Bakery also supported us by providing products that we could give away to our guests. Claire Marcus also helped us create two new unique scents - Pitakwa (a nod to the city that inspired us) and Unbothered (a clean, fresh scent that mimics the taste of our cold brew sweetened with orange slices). Both fragrances come in two formats - oil and candles, to light and scent your homes. Guests also had a chance to walk through our coffee-forest to explore interesting facts about the world's most popular beverage!


The event was everything and a VIBE!... chill music, coffee, fragrance oils, cookies, and lots more.